Export Market

Alpha-Cypermethrin Techn. Min. 95%

Bendiocarb Techn. Min. 96%

Bendiocarb 80% WP

Brodifacoum 0.25% (or 2.5%) in propylene glycol

       + Finished Baits

Bromadiolone 0.25% (or 2.5%) in propylene glycol

       + Finished Baits

Chlorpyriphos Techn. Min. 97% (ethyl)

Cyfluthrin Techn. Min. 94%

Cypermethrin Techn. 40/60 Min. 93%

D’Allethrin Techn. Min. 92%

DDVP Techn. Min. 97%

DEET Techn. Min. 97%

Deltamethrin Techn. Min. 97%

Diazinon Techn. Min. 95%

Difenacoum 0.25% (or 2.5%) in propylene glycol

       + Finished Baits

D-Phenothrin Techn. Min. 93%

D-Trans Allethrin Techn. 75/25 Min. 93%

Mancozeb 80% WP

Permethrin Techn. 25/75 or 40/60 Min. 93%

Permethrin Pharma Grade Min. 98%

Piperonyl Butoxide Techn. Min. 92%

Piperonyl Butoxide Techn. ULTRA Min. 94%

Piperonyl Butoxide Pharma Grade Min. 94%

Prallethrin Techn. Min. 93%

Propoxur Techn. Min. 98%

Pyrethrum 50% Extract

Surfactants for aerosols and agro

Tetramethrin Techn. Min. 92%

Transfluthrin Techn. Min. 94%


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